City Car Driving Download

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Price: Free
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City Car Driving Download

Full version of the "City Car Driving" simulator is not free!

Fixed false reports about false driving direction.

Fixed bug caused crash when booting the driving mode with an automatic transmission.

If you wush to use for purposes, please read about the.

Version changes: Fixed crash in several exercises; Fixed startup logo (fixed crash because of video codecs conflict).

Fixed rare game crash in Windows XP.

Control system of traffic rules bug fixes: Fixed false reports about switched off blinker.

Fixed "flying" trees on a countryside road.

Fixed a bug caused the game to crash in case of launching via shortcuts on desktop and in the "Start" menu sometimes.

In this car driving simulator a special stress has been laid on the variety of road situations and realistic car driving.

Fixed a bug caused loosing of settings and achievements in a user's profile.

Cheers with the City Car Driving Activation Key free download.

Fixed other graphical issues (including black polygons).

Corrected conditions of issuing recommendations to increase the distance.

You can even check a record with your offences.

Greatly improved artificial intelligence and traffic rules control system: Traffic cars learned the U-turn at intersections; Fixed "dead" traffic jams at intersections (due to the new traffic cars skill to.

Version changes: Added possibility of changing sounds for user cars.

Step 3: Complete the survey and the City Car Driving Activation Key free download will start automatically in your browser.

City Car Driving Download

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